Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Reset Button

Many new products that come to market can be purchased, tried, and then the purchaser can decide whether to keep it or put it on Craigslist. An entire newly designed and built community does not quite work like that. Once you build it, there's no listing it on Craigslist for another city to come and take it out of your city. You can redesign it, but that is no small task. There's no good RESET BUTTON for the massive abundance of suburbia U.S. cities have built over the years. But if there were a RESET BUTTON, apparently a growing majority of Americans would push it and give up their big suburban home IF they could live in a walkable urban neighborhood. I've seen statistics as high as 81% of Americans would do this!

I do not know if I believe 81%, but it is perfectly reasonable to believe that this applies to a majority. And demand for walkable neighborhoods is on the rise!

In a short series of blogs, I want to outline some of the obstacles to walkable urban development and the alternatives that promote great, wonderful, opportunity-rich neighborhoods, communities and cities.

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